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Really, what IS a SELFIE ?

Cosa vuol dire, che cos'è il selfie?

Blah Blah, selfie this, blah blah, selfie that. I cannot really bear hearing this word all the time!… but what is a selfie, actually? The Oscars selfie by Ellen Degeneres, The Obama Selfie (do I really need to explain?) and then even Miley Cyrus did it. Eventually, for the guys Sara Tommasi also  happily complied to the trend by showing us […]

Breaking Bad Photography

La fotografia della serie Breaking Bad

In the last few days I’ve been having this thought a lot: It’s really incredible how many different things can be of inspiration for photography. As an example, just watching TV could be an endless source of inspiration, if we are very careful with what we’re watching anyway. One of the shows that is inspiring […]