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Amazon batteries are the best deal!

Hello everybody! If you ever shot your sets with the help of some external speedlight (like this one) I’m pretty sure you have also experienced problems with your batteries up to some degree. Damn batteries! Every speedlight needs at least 4 AA, even if lately everybody’s using AAA and more than often you’ll find yourself without the correct cells, […]

Think the iPhone 6 is a disappointment? You’re not alone

La fotocamera dell'iphone 6 plus è una meraviglia!

Yesterday, we had a pretty hot flaming day for the internet. Yes, Apple launched some new products, yes, it was a blast, as usual. But this time, Apple bet all its money on a single, epic power horse, its new iPhone, apart from that we have a futuristic smartwatch calleed the “Apple Watch”. WOW. But the […]

The Real Great Beauty, by Paolo Sorrentino

La vera grande bellezza di Paolo Sorrentino

A few months ago, there has been to Movie Awards Cerimony, you all know that, the sort of pre-made in Holloywood staged thing where the MPAA celebrates itself therefore fuelling its own market and revenue. Only, this time, it was different. Apart from the usual stuff, an italian movie brought something home, and after 15 […]

Really, what IS a SELFIE ?

Cosa vuol dire, che cos'è il selfie?

Blah Blah, selfie this, blah blah, selfie that. I cannot really bear hearing this word all the time!… but what is a selfie, actually? The Oscars selfie by Ellen Degeneres, The Obama Selfie (do I really need to explain?) and then even Miley Cyrus did it. Eventually, for the guys Sara Tommasi also  happily complied to the trend by showing us […]

Breaking Bad Photography

La fotografia della serie Breaking Bad

In the last few days I’ve been having this thought a lot: It’s really incredible how many different things can be of inspiration for photography. As an example, just watching TV could be an endless source of inspiration, if we are very careful with what we’re watching anyway. One of the shows that is inspiring […]

The Slingshot unboxing!

The Slingshot Unbnoxing by

Hi everybody! As I promised You here I am again with some news on the mighty Slingshot, a ver powerful tool I recently discovered. I have been experimenting a little with it but for now I decided to publish this quick unboxing followed by some quick thoughts. The Slingshot in itself is a nice piece […]

Lightroom school, Street Fighter video tutorial

Hey guys! It’s time for some Lightroom school! So many ppl are asking me: “Hey how do you Lightroom your photos?”, and while I’m pretty sure they haven’t read what I wrote on this topic in the past, I still believe that it’s a shame so few photogs use the incredible powerhouse Lightroom is for digital […]

Hand-crafted manual optics from Leica

If you are a long time reader of this blog you should already know about my not so nice relationship with Leica, or at least their marketing team. Of course that’s all because their nausea-inducing 24×36 contest (bleagh). Having said that (now I feel better…) I recently stumbled upon this very nice video feature coming […]