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Think the iPhone 6 is a disappointment? You’re not alone


Yesterday, we had a pretty hot flaming day for the internet. Yes, Apple launched some new products, yes, it was a blast, as usual.

But this time, Apple bet all its money on a single, epic power horse, its new iPhone, apart from that we have a futuristic smartwatch calleed the “Apple Watch”. WOW.

But the Apple smartwatch is somewhat foggy at this point, and while marketing has been roaring since those wicked slides, I’d like to talk a certainty, the new iPhone 6.

Me? I’m not one of Apple’s biggest fan, generally speaking, but design-wise I always found great things in Apple products, that was before the iPhone 6 came out.

To me, the iPhone 6 is UGLY, and a retrò piece of hardware, in a bad way

Speaking of specs, it’s the same thing as a quasi-latest generation Android smartphone, and that’s what making me a little clueless.

Is the iPhone 6 really such a big disappointment?

I couldn’t really believe Apple was playing the “pursuing game” with the Android phonemakers, now we know they did. But I’m not here to ignite a flame war, my friends, ’cause I’ve seen something inside this new iPhone that stroke my heart strings in a merry way.

As you already know, iPhone 6 will be sold in 2 different editions, we have the “normal” one, which has a 4.7 inches screen, and a “plus” edition, with a 5.5 inches display, so far, so good.

What is very nice, from my perspective, is some fresh air for photographers. This new iPhone 6 camera sounds very promising indeed, let’s find out why:

  • 8-megapixel sensor
  • maximum aperture is f/2.2
  • pixel size is about 1.5µm

Did you notice anything crazy or new? Well, not yet, the real improvements are elsewhere, IMO…

Optical stabilization in a smartphone ?!?

This is where Apple really got my attention. This is a smashing first for smartphones, real, optical image stabilization!

This is virtually the same feature as you can find in the best and most expensive DSLR lenses (or mirrorless) and that’s usually worth a premium coming straight out of our pockets.

Apple made this a reality on a mass market smartphone, and since it wasn’t easy, they deserve my praise. Well done!

Phase detection autofocus

Image stabilization wasn’t easy, but the next new feature is sort of astounding, in a smartphone. For the first time, the iPhone will use the EXACT SAME TECHNOLOGY as a DSLR for autofocus!

Phase detection autofocus isn’t anything new, but on a smartphone, it could spark a revolution! It’s our current best way to put things in focus on a camera automatically (let’s keep Lytro out of the picture for now) and it’s huge news, for me.

Many other phone makers wouldn’t do the same on their top-of-the line phones… and it’s easy to understand why: don’t put your phone in competition with your cameras!

Since Apple ain’t no camera maker, the choice was easy for them, and since the introduction of this new feature I guess many other phone makers will follow suit, it’s the market, baby!

High fps video recording and slow motion

Shooting video isn’t anything new for our smartphones, but it’s certainly useful, and in many ways, phones are making our camcorders collect a lot of dust in our homes. Having said that, quality in phone-shot videos is often lacking, but the iPhone 6 was ripe for improving this issue, and I’m glad they did!

Recording videos in 1080p at 60fps won’t necessarily be revolutionary, but it’s such a good thing I’m glad they made it possible, there’s no info on the actual bitrate for our videos, or the level of compression, but this is exciting! Not DSLR like exciting, but close.

And yet another thing, did I mention we have 240fps video for slow motion?!? That’s some serious 10x slowdown of the action, and it’s incredible, when it comes from something you’re holding in your pocket at all times…

These novelties are very good for video geeks, and some of this isn’t new for smartphone makers, but come on… the iPhone is the biggest phone on the planet (no pun intended), and its sheer diffusion is surely gonna be mind BENDING (no pun intended, but don’t put one in your pocket, you’ve been warned!).

Still disappointed? At least we have an excellent shooter…

I like the iPhone camera trend, Apple is really doing their homework, and they sort of made the world a better place for camera enthusiasts. It’s too bad smartphones are often seen as mere selfie machines. But we’re gonna change that aren’t we?

Maybe that’s why so many professionals are using the iPhone for their photo work… could it be?

As for the rest of the iPhone 6 feature set… dear Apple, good pursuing.

That’s all for today, you can officially start abusing me by calling me names in the comments section wink

Have a great light, and see you soon!


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