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The Slingshot unboxing!



Hi everybody! As I promised You here I am again with some news on the mighty Slingshot, a ver powerful tool I recently discovered.

I have been experimenting a little with it but for now I decided to publish this quick unboxing followed by some quick thoughts. The Slingshot in itself is a nice piece of equipment, so I believe I’ll be doing a complete and detailed review, be sure to check this space again soon.

The Slingshot is without doubt something that will find a permanent place in you bag  because it’s so useful and nice to have at all times, and I’m pretty sure many will be asking me where I bought it…

That’s something I’m very used to already since I started walking around with my X100 and all sort of people goes: “Hey, nice camera,  is it one of those old film cameras?”

Sometimes I wish I had a dollar for each time I got this question… Thanks god there are so many Leica shooters out there more than willing to satisfy these curious people… wink

So here we go with the slingshot unboxing, please have a look down here or on my Youtube channel, where I’ll be posting more coverage on the Slingshot as soon as I have it (please subscribe!).

If you have thoughts to share please do it in the comments area below and check back soon for more updates wink

Wish You a great (Xmas) light!


ATTENZIONE: Acquistando i prodotti che propongo all'interno dei miei articoli sul sito contribuirete a mantenere vivo questo blog, facendomi diventare ricco sfondato, giusto perché si sappia eh.