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Lightroom school, Street Fighter video tutorial


Hey guys! It’s time for some Lightroom school! So many ppl are asking me: “Hey how do you Lightroom your photos?”, and while I’m pretty sure they haven’t read what I wrote on this topic in the past, I still believe that it’s a shame so few photogs use the incredible powerhouse Lightroom is for digital darkroom manipulation (and we’re not even talking photoshop power here!). I’m pretty sure many photpgraphers aren’r using it cause they afraid of the many functions and features Lightroom has, and, well, that’s kinda common for the first few tries.

Don’t give up, Lightroom doesn’t bite

For this reason, and also because I believe a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures… Today I will release to you this small video showing how I’m processing a shot I titles “Street Fighter”, also available on 500px.

Ther manipulation in this case is nothing really complex (it’s meant as a sort of first lesson) but I do believe it could be useful to better understand how Lightroom works without much pain in digital manipulation. You can find the resulting video here below:

I believe these days for digital artists are using manipulation to make up at least 60 or 70% of the final pic, while a meager 30% is made up of the photograph inner quality. Of course I’m pretty sure many will disagree with me but I’m not yet ready to debate this topic and I’m postponing the flame war to an upcoming post ;)

If you wanna share your thoughts please do so in the comments area, Thank You Everybody!!


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